Take your data’s security to the next level with the Privise USB Data Blocker. This small but important device prevents unwanted data exchange especially when you venture into the deep dark web.

It may look like a typical USB flash drive but it is actually innovative in its function as a security tech. It blocks potential malware or viruses on any connected device. This device prevents unwanted data manipulation or other sites from hacking into sensitive information. This means worry-free charging in public areas or on third-party devices.

The Privise USB Data Blocker creates a barrier between important data on your devices and foreign tech leeches. It comes with two ports. One connects directly to the power source found in your device, like your laptop or a USB charger port, and the other connects directly to your phone’s charger. The device makes use of the ground and power pins found in your mobile charger. This way it acts doubly to protect your information while keeping your phone charged.

It is versatile and handy as it can fit into any standard USB port. It is small at just 1.57 x 0.98 x 0.39 inches. This makes it the ideal companion during travel since you can easily charge in airports, hotels, subways, etc. The device is also lightweight at just 0.176 ounces so you might forget you have it in your pocket or bag. Best to store it in a tech pouch for safekeeping and quick access. Quality-wise, the Privise USB Data Blocker comes with a guarantee that it is durable and effective in blocking data theft.

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Images courtesy of Privise