We’re noticing a trend right now regarding smartwatches. It looks like innovation is on a crawl when it comes to smart wearables. Other than the Apple Watch integrating an electrocardiogram (ECG), the others are falling behind. Nonetheless, let’s understand that battery life is still a major talking point when it comes to these devices. That might soon change as manufacturers come up with new ways to tackle the problem. The Matrix PowerWatch Series 2 proposes a unique solution that might surprise you.

Unlike regular timekeepers that work for years or almost indefinitely for certain automatic models, usage time is quite limited. So far, a notable workaround to continuously charge it is solar power. Casio, Suunto, Garmin, and other brands have dabbled with the technology with great results. However, Matrix approaches things differently by tapping into another available resource.

Just like its predecessor, the PowerWatch Series 2 employs a two-fold strategy to harvest additional power. Like the ones we illustrated above, it can draw energy from ambient light via solar technology. Nothing extraordinary, right? That is until you find out that it likewise charges using your body heat. You heard that correctly – this smartwatch adds thermoelectric charging for extra measure.

This fitness-tracking smartwatch boasts a list of exceptional features. These include GPS tracking, optical HRM, 200-meter water resistance, a 1.2-inch color display, and more. Additionally, it is compatible with both Android and iOS devices and pairs via Bluetooth. The screen sits under a sapphire lens with a stainless steel case and silicone strap. The Matrix PowerWatch Series 2 also offers two upscale versions with a titanium case and a stainless steel bracelet.

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Images courtesy of Matrix