This is the Fenix 6X Pro Solar from Garmin and it totally rocks. As we pack even more features into our smartwatches, battery life starts to become a problem. At most, modern models can last anywhere between 2-7 days on a single charge. On the other hand, with some functions turned off, there are certain brands that can extend usage time up to 21 days or more.

Samsung, Huawei, and Apple are not the only major players out there. Expand your search parameters and you can find great alternatives from Fitbit or Garmin. The latter sure knows its target market as it unveils a new GPS-enabled smartwatch.

The name is already a dead giveaway because unlike most GPS-ready wearables from Garmin, it can draw power from sunlight. What love about the Fenix lineup is its ability to keep up with the active lifestyle of the user. The Fenix 6X Pro Solar embodies everything that a longtime user wants in a rugged smartwatch.

There are two variations available to fit your style. For a stealthy look, the Titanium Carbon Gray DLC with a black silicone band is perfect. IF you’re after the distinct metallic shine on your wrist, the one with the vented titanium bracelet should do nicely.

This robust GPS smartwatch keeps its 280 x 280 1.4-inch display safe under a Power Glass lens. The Fenix 6X Pro Solar itself is water-resistant up to 10 atm. The case is crafted mostly out of titanium with a mix of fiber-reinforced polymer for durability. In smartwatch mode, your getting a whopping 21 days of battery life. Meanwhile, with GPS-tracking mode activated it can manage a little over two days.

Garmin Fenix 6X Pro Solar – $999.99

Images courtesy of Garmin