The Powerflex 360 resistance band tones your upper body without the heavy gym equipment and in the comfort of your home. It uses ergonomic and innovative rotating handles to work your arms and shoulders.

The 360-degree rotating handle system uses patent-pending resistance band that promotes natural movements of the body. It provides you with greater motion without the risk of injuring your wrist or hand. The high-strength handles and multiple mounting points allow you to move your upper body freely regardless of the exercise.

The Powerflex 360 is ideal for use by anyone who wishes to tone and strengthen the upper body. It is also perfect for those in rehab and recovery training. It comes in two variations: the single handle and double handle. Each variation features the same 360-degree rotating handle and resistance band connecting points.

The structure of the Powerflex 360 is made of ABS plastic and it features a compact and lightweight design, which makes it portable and easy to pack. You can use this exercise device anywhere you like, be it indoors or outdoors. Each order of the product comes with two ankle straps, five latex bands, a pole and a door anchor, and its carrying bag for easy transport.

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Photos Courtesy of Powerflex 360