The Tonal Smart Home Trainer is your personal workout instructor. It brings the entire gym in one digital system that gives strength training a different meaning.

This digital weights machine has built-in interactive workouts backed by professionals. It features a versatile and highly-adjustable tension-based lifting system that makes working out at home efficient with the use of its integrated personal training.

The Tonal Smart Home Trainer features full-body programs for the legs, arms, back, shoulders, and core, while incorporating strength and flexibility. It also includes personalized video guidance and expert-led videos to help you start on full body workouts that you can do on demand.

The system offers personalized guidance from expert trainers who motivate you with step-by-step videos. You also have the option to personalize the programs to best fit and adapt to your pace and abilities. This way you can keep your workouts more efficient.

This home workout device even lets you see and review your progress through its sophisticated machine learning program. The program tracks workout stats such as sets, time under tension, reps, power, range of motion, and so on. With the Tonal Smart Home Trainer, you can hit the gym anytime, any day, in the convenience of your home.

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