Just like Ford with its Mustang Mach-E, the automotive industry likewise recognizes the Taycan from Porsche as a success. So far, the favorable outcome of the German marque’s electrification is leading to even more exciting projects. An EV version of the Macan is already in development, which is why the company is exploring new platforms like the Renndienst.

The company is not exactly the first one out of the gates with an electric van concept. We can recall Volkswagen with its ID. BUZZ and the Canoo MPDV to name a few. Porsche seems to want in on the fun as well. There’s no word if this ride will eventually see a commercial release, but what it teases appears to be exciting, nonetheless.

Instead of focusing on the technical specifications, they seem to be highlighting the cabin. In fact, the press release calls in the “interior of the future.” It’s clear that they intend to give occupants as much legroom as possible.

Judging by the images of the Renndienst, there’s ample seating for up to six people including the driver. The steering column is mounted at the center along with the analog instrument panels. On each side, there are large display panels – presumably the infotainment units of the electric van.

Porsche engineers are also considering haptic buttons instead of mechanical ones. Meanwhile, the driver’s seat can swivel 180 degrees. This allows the Renndienst driver to interact with the passengers while autonomous driving technology takes over during travel.

According to the chief designer of the Renndienst, they will be drawing inspiration from the Taycan. Another notable element is the asymmetrical windows. One side is covered to give occupants some privacy, while the other side provides a wide view of what’s outside.

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Images courtesy of Porsche