Porsche Design regularly updates its lineup of hardware that embodies the sleek and striking aesthetics of its vehicles. It recently gave us the Acer Book RS – a high-end notebook that shipped with premium accessories themed around materials used in motorsports such as carbon fiber and lightweight metals. This time, we’re getting the Wireless Speaker PDS50, which packs welcomes upgrades over its predecessors.

What’s immediately obvious is the absence of the automotive theme. Instead, it looks like an average smart speaker albeit with a notably premium profile. This primarily comes from the enclosure of the Wireless Speaker PDS50.

Porsche Design reveals that it is crafted out of solid aluminum with a matte gray finish. The rest of the material that goes into its construction are textile fabric for the speaker grilles and plastics. 80% of the speaker is metal, which makes it tip the scales at around 17.64 ounces.

For the dimensions, the Wireless Speaker PDS50 stands 11.82 inches tall and has a diameter of 5.91 inches measured from the base. The body gently tapers up to the touch-sensitive control panel on top. Push buttons for power and Bluetooth are on the lower section of the rear and sandwich a USB Type-C port.

An LED status light sits just above the forward-facing speaker grille with the Porsche Design script visible on the top-most ring. Inside the Wireless Speaker PDS50 are 3-inch and 1-inch tweeter combo and a recessed bottom-firing bass reflex port. Likewise, it can wirelessly charge compatible devices via the in-built Qi charging plate.

A full charge should last up to 20 hours of audio playback. Notably, the Porsche Design Wireless Speaker PDS50 is IPX4 waterproof. This gives owners more flexibility on where they want to position it around the house or outdoors.

Buy – $475

Images courtesy of Porsche Design