Porsche has recently unveiled the 718 Boxster ($56,000), a svelte roadster that joins its comrade –the 911– by getting a turbocharge boost. The German boys also gave the new model a thinner, wider appearance (compared to the previous Boxter), but the overall main emphasis remained clear: pure fun driving.

The biggest change on the fresh car is a newly developed flat-four turbo power engine (paying homage to the motors used in the race-winning 718’s of the ’50s and ’60s), which replaces the traditional six-cylinder unit of the outgoing vehicle. The company will offer a base Boxter with a 300HP 2.0L turbo (170 mph max speed), as well as a Boxster S model packing a 350HP 2.5L engine (topping 177 mph). Each roadster will have a six-speed manual transmission or an optional automatic PDK, retuned suspension & electric steering, upgraded brakes, stretched frontal air intakes up front, slim LED taillights, and the latest generation of the touchscreen-based Porsche Communication Management. Arriving to US dealerships by late June 2016.

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