If you’re a self-proclaimed Porsche head, chances are you already know that the Porsche 356 is considered as one of the most beautiful cars the German manufacturer has ever created.

Collectors are all dying to get their hands on one. Even more so rare models buried beneath archival cruft that manage to surface on lots all of a sudden. This classic ride is unbeatable, even by today’s standards, to an extent.

Emory Design, a Los Angeles-based restoration outfit care of Porsche specialist Rod Emory dipped their toes into a 1960 Porsche 356 RSR and did the unthinkable: merge past and present. You read that right — this complex restoration sees the vintage icon swaddled with modern tech.

For the job, Emory preserved the car’s original DNA, imposing strict guidelines on maintaining the car’s design language. But they also played around a bit, combining the 911 and the 356 to develop something truly unique. The richly striking result is truly one of the best automotive moments of 2019. You get a 2.4-liter “Outlaw-4” twin-turbocharged engine, which is a first for the car. And also a Rothsport fuel injection plus Motec-managed ignition, bringing the Porsche 356 RSR to a substantial 400-horsepower.

There is more than meets the eye, as always with Emory. Look further and you’ll find the 964 C2 chassis. That comes with all-original suspension pick-up points and a hand-formed nose, tail, deck, and bonnet. Inside, you’ll find interior aesthetics to match, with 911-inspired seating, fiberglass footboards/dash caps, and MOMO peripherals.


Photos courtesy of Emory Design