Walking your dog can be a tiring and frustrating task especially if your pet ends up controlling the leash. You either end up in a game of tug of war or give up the task altogether and head home. Thankfully, the Pooch Pacer Walk Training Device solves this problem in a non-punitive way.

What it aims to do is provide harmony back to your walks, this way avoiding potential dangers. It identifies when your dog is pulling the leash when the tension increases. It then emits a beep loud enough for you and your pet to hear. This is a reminder to readjust your pace, bring the dog back to your side, and reward for every good behavior. In no time, your dog will learn to associate this as positive reinforcement and a reminder to walk by your side

The Pooch Pacer Walk Training Device is a great alternative to shock, choke, or side jab. It is a non-punitive and non-invasive method to bring out a positive behavior in your pet. It is harmless, compact, easy to use, and lightweight for everyday carry. This innovative device also features a dial that lets you adjust the sensitivity settings to suit all dog types and sizes.

Moreover, it is weather-sealed, splash-proof, and runs on a long-lasting lithium-ion battery that guarantees six months of usage. It is ultralight at just 40 grams so your pet won’t even notice it hanging on the leash. Plus, it is small enough to fit your pocket at just 3.5 inches long and 17mm wide. The Pooch Pacer Walk Training Device also uses a forged steel ring attachment to keep it steady and strong against any degree of pulling.

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Images courtesy of Pooch Pacer