Fashion brands have nowadays joined in the production of face masks amid the pandemic. Polo Ralph Lauren has also come up with its own line of protective masks starting with the Cloth mask. The Polo High-Filtration Mask is a new product that aims to provide both protection and breathability.

Polo tout’s its new design as its “most advanced option” in terms of safeguarding users from microbes, viruses, and other harmful particles. it provides 95 percent filtration efficiency (PFE) thanks to its four-layer protection. It has a washable antimicrobial-treated exterior fabric shell and a fine-pore filter for maximum particle filtration.

Moreover, the Polo High-Filtration Mask comes with an inner lining that preserves freshness to ensure breathability and comfort. It has disposable filters with a proprietary built-in valve and a unique filter replacement indicator. The indicator turns red to signal the need for a replacement.

This protective gear is fully customizable. The ear loops are adjustable thanks to the use of ultra-soft elastic. The loops are also convenient to wear because they are removable and adjustable behind the head. This means you don’t have to remove the mask just to adjust the loops. Thus, it prevents the risk of inhaling harmful particles.

The Polo High-Filtration Mask also comes with a heat-shapeable nose bridge for a secure fit. Design-wise, this face mask caters to both men and women users with its classic colors. It comes in a minimalist black or collegiate navy color. Both designs have the brand’s signature embroidered logo in yellow for the black and white for the navy.

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Images courtesy of Ralph Lauren Polo