Among the items we always encourage people to have in their EDC loadout is a cutting tool. It could be anything with a sharp edge that gets the job done. Still, the humble pocket knife remains our go-to choice for whatever comes your way? If you’re thinking of getting one, Poglia’s Signature Pocket is the classy option we would go for.

Don’t you find it cool to see someone do mundane tasks such as peeling fruits, slicing bread/cheese, or practically anything else with a pocket knife? This versatile survival tool has been in the hands of soldiers, outdoorsmen, and even just your average guy.

As long as the quality of its construction is reliable, expect one to last almost a lifetime with proper upkeep. Poglia is in the business of crafting some of the most visually striking lifestyle items. The brand’s catalog caters to folks who want to own posh products for various uses.

There are bags, barware, and so much more. The Signature Pocket is a stunning folder among a collection of fine knives. Just like the Oyster Shucker we previously featured, the craftsmanship here is remarkable. The hand-drawn 3-inch carbon steel blade sports a rough pock-marked surface which just looks cool.

There are three versions on offer: Horn & Bone (Black/White), Wood & Bone (Brown/White), Horn & Wood (Black/Brown). All variants sport solid brass hardware. Over time, the materials will develop a unique patina that adds character to your Signature Pocket. Poglia says each folding knife is worked on by eight artisans in southern Brazil.

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Images courtesy of Poglia