One of the things we’ve observed amid the pandemic was the upsurge of folks who took up cycling. It’s an activity that practically lets you go anywhere you want and get some much-needs cardio for the day. Despite its pros, what sucks about it are unpredictable weather conditions and strength-sapping inclines. PodBike offers an outstanding mobility platform called the Frikar that address our gripes with regular bicycles.

You’ll notice right away that this is not your average ride. Instead, it’s a single-seat (can accommodate 1 adult and 1 child) electric velomobile. PodBike says its width is about the same as a regular bike trailer. Since it sits on four wheels, the Frikar should have better stability than other types which go for three.

As indicated before, you can choose to go manual and pedal your way around. Within its aerodynamic shell, you can sit in comfort thanks to its recumbent riding style. If you prefer the feel of fresh air blowing, the transparent canopy is removable as well.

Since you will likely share the road with conventional vehicles, PodBike places driver safety on top. The Frikar comes with built-in illumination for visibility in low-light conditions. Brake lights and turn indicators are likewise on board. Strategic crumple zones and roll-over protection should ideally protect you in the event of a crash or collision.

PodBike gives it a motorized system that raises the set to makes entry and exit easy. Parking space won’t be a problem either as the Frikar can be parked upright to save space. A full charge of a single battery can take you anywhere between 37- 56 miles on pure electric power. It is possible to add more than one battery unit.

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Images courtesy of PodBike