Call it what you will, but we believe cycling is a grueling sport or activity depending on the inclines, the terrain, and your fitness level. Most of us assume that all the technology and innovations focus on the bike itself. That may be true, but the accessories and equipment the cyclist wears can also matters. Rapha presents the Explore Powerweave which is engineered to boost your performance.

Cyclists primarily depend on their leg muscles to push the pedals and move forward. To help with the process, cycling shoes are crafted a little differently than our regular trainers. Instead of flexibility, the soles are a little stiffer which helps make energy transfer more efficient.

One the other hand, the Explore Powerweave is a dynamic option ready for activities that might require walking at one point. Rapha takes into account instances wherein cyclists need to step off of their rides. To ensure it will survive most types of surfaces, it also tested them with miles of backpacking and ultra-endurance races.

Rahpa’s designers are taking the lightweight carbon footplate and reinforcing it with a rubber outsole. A recessed area is available which helps clip on to the cleats. To aid with walking on both smooth and uneven terrain, the former ends just before the toes.

This gives the Explore Powerweave just the right amount of flex one can’t find on regular cycling shoes. The fabric of the upper features a 3D-weave which delivers a snug sock-like feel for comfort. For an even more secure fit, two BOA Li2 dials let you make micro-adjustments for the perfect fit.

Buy – $355

Images courtesy of Rapha