We know you love restorations and modifications or “restomods” as enthusiasts call it. You can’t deny that people back then really had refined tastes in designs. It’s difficult to say otherwise when many renowned shops still prefer to embody the timeless aesthetics of the past. To show you a good example, take this recent build from Plasma Custom and its absolutely retro profile.

These days, modern motorcycles are classified into different types according to their specifications and silhouettes. In the meantime, the man behind this old-school ride – Alessandro Rotaro – manages to create a fully functional machine that embodies the early days of motorized two-wheeled transport.

The first steam-powered and eventually fuel-powered motorcycles started off as bicycles. Clever engineers repurposed these so users can alternate seamlessly between the engine and pedals. This vintage beauty from Plasma Custom manages to keep the feature intact albeit with some modern add-ons.

The lack of fairings will affect its aerodynamics, but this motorcycle is a showpiece of classic design. There’s also a hint of steampunk vibe that comes from the 80-mm Pyrex cylinders that act as the fuel tank. Aluminum brackets keep it securely in place as it sits between the top two steel frame tubes. Even the 350-cc engine matches the theme with its old-fashioned look.

They even repurposed a swimming pool ladder into an under-slung exhaust pipe. Plasma Custom goes for a blue frame with white tires for its vintage bike project. There is currently no word If others will be made. Still, it’s not exactly a big problem as we just want to see what they come up with next.

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Images courtesy of Plasma Custom