When it comes to finding the perfect wallet, we look for durability and comfort. The strong ones are usually made from leather and metal, with both being bulky and heavy. The Pioneer Flyfold Wallet, on the other hand, uses Future Form technology to create a lightweight and durable product that still looks new even after several uses.

This wallet is made from premium fabric with fibers 10 times stronger than steel per weight, which makes it thinner and stronger than leather and more comfortable to carry around. Ultra-high-molecular-weight-polyethylene blends with fine nylon ripstop to create a dense and tactile finish that repels water and dirt.

These materials make this EDC an ideal carrier for bills and cards because it is waterproof, machine-washable, and sweatproof. It makes this wallet suitable for everyday use and for everyone, even athletes.

Likewise, Pioneer used reinforced stitching method to ensure that the wallet does not burst or break down with prolonged use. Heat-welded construction replaced seams, while the same bar-tacks used in climbing gears replaced rivets in high-stress areas.

Design-wise, the Pioneer Flyfold Wallet has a minimalistic yet elegant appearance fit for any occasion. It features the familiar bi-fold design that can accommodate cards and bills. It has two internal RFID-secure card slots that can hold five cards each (10 in total) and with enough space to fan the cards out for easy access. This wallet can also accommodate full-size bills up to 80mm tall without folding.

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Photos Courtesy of Pioneer