To this day, you cannot think of Piaggio and not associate it with the iconic Vespa. However, what most of us fail to acknowledge is its push for innovation in markets other than mobility. We know it’s hard to believe, but its Fast Forward design studio proves otherwise. It does so with the gita mini.

Come to think of it, this machine does somewhat qualify under mobility solutions. However, its features tell a different story, but a cool one at that. Key in “Star Wars” music, because this is as close as one can get to an actual astromech droid. The only caveat here is that instead of ship repair, it will carry your stuff.

Think of the gita mini as a cutting-edge cargo transport platform. Unfortunately, its 20-lb carrying capacity, which is roughly one standard grocery bag, might not be for everyone. It measures 18” x 16.5” x 19” and tips the scales at 28 lbs.

Piaggio Fast Forward currently offers it in two shades: Spark Citron and Boardwalk Beige. We hope other colorways from the full-size gita will become available in the future. The gita mini moves around and balances on two wheels. The design and low center of gravity probably help with balance.

This robotic helper uses cameras, radar, and advanced algorithms to follow you around. The gita mini can navigate obstacles easily and keep up with the user even among a crowd of people. A full charge of its lithium-ion battery is enough for 7 hours or 21 miles. Top speed, on the other hand, is 6 mph.

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Images courtesy of Piaggio Fast Forward