While most folks prefer to spend their leisure time with various hobbies and more, others like to sleep. Given the chance, some would sneak in a quick nap or two which can energize our bodies and keep our mind alert. However, snoring can be a nightmare for those who share a room with you. Thankfully, gadgets like the Smartsleep Snoring Relief Band exist to help us out.

The problem with snoring is that the person who does so is not usually aware that they do. In fact, there are individuals who refuse to believe their friends or loved ones who tell them about it.

Philips is a leading brand when it comes to devices that can promote a good night’s sleep. Thus, they are presenting the Smartsleep Snoring Relief Band to help chronically snore.

The packing includes the sensor, a chest strap, and a charging cable/charger. The chest strap features a slot where you slip in the snoring relief sensor. After adjusting the fit for comfort, the user can then try to fall asleep on their side.

The sensors Smartsleep Snoring Relief Band will then detect if they move to lie on their back. Because the culprits here are our throat, soft palate, and tongue. As these muscles relax, it can cause an obstruction of the airways. Lying on our back makes it even more likely to happen.

Thus, the Smartsleep Snoring Relief Band gently nudges users to switch to their sides This often solves the problem, but its best to always check with your healthcare provider to rule out obstructive sleep apnea (OSA).

Buy – $199.95

Images courtesy of Philips