o, you’ve packed your backpack and everything’s in your car ready to go into the great outdoors for several days of living like our forefathers. Getting back in touch with nature. You know, that cool stuff you learned as a kid when your dad took you camping, hunting, and fishing. You’re all but ready to brave the cold and deal with the usual annoyances. Damn you cold air! Yet wearable sleeping bags could stop the issues you have.

Wearable…what? You might say. Wearable sleeping bags are not a new concept, but they have gained increased popularity in recent years. If you’ve ever tried to do, let’s call it ‘the sleeping bag shuffle,’ you need a wearable sleeping bag. Are we all picturing the same thing?

That sorta shuffle you do when you want to move in your sleeping bag from one place to another. It can be outside in the cold or even just in the comfort of your own home. You don’t want to shiver, but really need more dip for your chips. You try and hop and shuffle your feet back and forward while in your comfy sleeping bag.

That’s the sleeping bag shuffle. If it’s not a thing, it should be. Wearable sleeping bags ensure you don’t need to do that anymore.

Due to their popularity nowadays, there’s been a surge in the number of manufacturers and retailers answering to that demand. Therefore, it can be quite a minefield. Yet many people will want one, and for good reason. That’s where the team here at Men’s Gear comes in.

We helped the issue by putting together a guide that will highlight the top picks of the available wearable sleeping bags around. Before we do that, there are some FAQs that need to be answered.

What are the Main Benefits of a Wearable Sleeping Bag?

It is certainly valid to want to know the benefits of wearable sleeping bags. We’d want to know as well, in your position. You want to know you’re not going to be spending money on a worthless piece of gimmicky crap, don’t you? We have certain things we like in these things, but others have favorites too.

We came up with a bit of a hybrid to include both, as you’ll see some favorites among several users below. However, the Men’s Gear team added our own favorite benefits like the one starting us off.

Functioning Arms and Legs:

Unlike normal sleeping bags, wearable sleeping bags normally have spaces or adjustable features. These allow you to use your limbs without getting out of the bag itself. As previously noted, this is perfect for when the temperature drops and you’re out under the night sky and need to answer the call of nature.

No, if you do something in the woods it won’t make a sound. Unless you’ve got some sort of issue that needs a doctor.

Depending on the particular model, some have zipperless holes for arms. Others have sleeves that can be easily adjusted to free your hands. Most, however, usually contain both. Likewise, while some have zippers that allow you to open just the bottom half to free your feet, there are some that come with removable zippered booties.

These are also called sleeping bag shoes if that makes you feel better when referring to that with other dudes.

A Warmth that Follows You:

The beauty of this entire thing is that wearable sleeping bags were designed for a major reason. You don’t need to take your sleeping bag off to move around. The holes they have for limbs allow you to move around freely. Of course, some simply allow you to become sleeves.

However, most have some form of leg parts, allowing you never have to face the cold. Well, at least the cold ground.

The warmth of your bag will always go with you, wherever you go. No need to do the sleeping bag shuffle anymore. It’s clearly a new day, yes it is!

Comfort and Convenience:

While comfort is something you should always look for when choosing a sleeping bag, they’re seldom convenient. Wearable sleeping bags are very convenient and for a number of reasons. They offer the ability to be involved in the elements and stay warm.

This can also double as protection from snow and rain, even though they are not exactly made for this reason. Though many are waterproof, in case you were wondering.

This will allow you to be on the ground outside in a fire rather than need a tent. This means you could lay by the fire open and remain warm from everything. This makes it perfect for taking with you on a hike or bike ride into the wilderness. Mostly if you plan to stay a night or think you might need to.


Due to the popularity of these ingenious creations, you’ll find that there’s a wonderful array of different wearable sleeping bags to choose from nowadays. You might have every obscure favorite color. Perhaps, you’re a big fan of the Star Wars franchise.

Due to the massive popularity, there are sleeping bags capable of being worn that are out there for you.

That means you’ll be able to find a suitable wearable sleeping bag that will be perfect for you. You’ll be able to spend your time in the great outdoors or even greater indoors in style.

What’s The Difference between Wearable Sleeping Bags Vs. Snowsuits?

Many of you are rightly curious about whether it’s worth investing in a wearable sleeping bag instead or a snowsuit. Perhaps it could be the other way around for some. The answer and choice that’s right for you depend really on what you’re intending to do with them.

For instance, if you’re intending on going skiing and are looking for a great way to stay warm, yet flexible. Considering you have to enjoy the sport in those chilly climates – you need a snowsuit. Similarly, if you’re going hiking in a cold area, possibly on a cold hill – it may be worthwhile investing in a snowsuit too.

Snowsuits, or ski suits as they’re often known, are ideal as an outer layer when you’re doing a lot of activities in cold climates – particularly if there’s lots of snow. They offer flexibility and that layer of water resistance and warmth that protects your other layers of clothing.

However, a snowsuit may be overkill if you’re just going to spend some time camping in wide open spaces with no snow forecasted. Wearable sleeping bags, on the other hand, are perfect for camping, hunting, and fishing trips. They’re not ideal for going skiing or snowboarding in.

Furthermore, as easy as it is to maneuver in wearable sleeping bags, we wouldn’t recommend that you wear them when attempting to hike in treacherous snowy conditions. Basically, they’re two different things in the end.

How Easy Are Wearable Sleeping Bags to Clean Or Wash?

In order to look after things properly, you need to ensure they’re clean and well-maintained. That means it’s unsurprising that many of you are concerned about how easy or not it is to clean these amazing sleeping bags. Even if you try your best, you’re likely to get your sleeping bag dirty or stained in some way.

It could be from all the mud, leaves, and half of the countryside you brought back home with you. It’s a lot to deal with and your time outdoors will leave you with a dirty sleeping bag. Similarly, if you wear yours like a onesie inside, it can be problematic too.

You may have pizza sauce stains and even the vague scent of beer around the openings. Of course, like many, you may get stale Cheetos crumbs on it too. Clearly, wearable sleeping bags may can just as messy indoors.

When it comes to looking after them, fortunately, it’s not too difficult. You do have to pay close attention to the manufacturer’s care instructions. A small number are machine-washable. This will be clearly mentioned on the label and/or box it comes in.

Always check the temperature and wash type settings required to avoid damaging the materials, All whether machine washable or not can be washed by hand.

In general, they’re rather easy to clean and wash. It just depends how hands-on you want to or like to get with your dirty laundry. You’d clean them like most stuff, with simple soap and water. For bigger issues, check to see what types of cleaning products that it can be cleaned with, such as bleach.

You can then use this to further remove things like stains or hard to remove mud, for example.

1) Selk’bag Adult-Like 5G Wearable Sleeping Bag

Asphalt Grey, Seaport Blue, Twilight Violet

The Selk’bag was the wearable sleeping bag that kicked things off. It was first created in Chile by Rodrigo Alonso in 2006 and takes inspiration for the design and name from Selk’nam tribe of Tierra del Fuego in the country. The Selk’nam were people who lived nomadic lives and dressed with very little in the way of clothing.

Even though Patagonia is known for its cold climate. The aim of the Selk’bag was to give anyone who wore it warmth, whether they were on the move or sitting around eating s’mores in front of an open fire.

Selk’bag has designed their eponymous wearable sleeping bag to give you the maximum amount of warmth and comfort. Meanwhile, ensuring that you can move around freely. It’s been constructed to provide you with an almost anatomically correct fit to make it a more enjoyable experience to wear one.

With a good quality polyester lining and shell, it benefits from synthetic insulation. You’re able to move your limbs almost as well as you were out of the bag. The publicity shots that accompany the bag even show someone doing a handstand.

The manly booties are easily removed via the zip. You have the option to wear them while you sleep and revert to your plain boring ‘normal’ shoes when you’re on the move. There’s also no hassle involved when you need to use your hands, thanks to the easy openings.

With a temp average of 44 degrees, the bag contains draft tubes placed around the neck and zippers for additional comfort. Meanwhile, a hood can be adjusted to suit the climate and conditions.

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  • Removable booties offer more versatility
  • Thermal collar and draft tubes keep things toasty
  • Easy in and out hands openings
  • Sizes tend to be smaller than stated


2) KingCamp Full Body Wearable Sleeping Bag


Up next are these cool wearable sleeping bags is this entry from KingCamp. It features a polyester lining and shell with a synthetic loft filling on the inside to keep you warm. Yet it still offers you the freedom to move around at will. There’s also zipper sleeves and removable booties that allow you to move even more freely.

If you’re around the 5-foot 10-inches mark or a little shorter, this will be the ideal size for you. Clearly, KingCamp knows how important it is to have a secret hiding place for your essentials. Things like your smartphone, keys, wallet, or flashlight.

That’s why they’ve incorporated an interior pocket into the design.

When the temperature really drops, you can also keep your face protected with the drawstring adjustable hood. Sometimes it can be hard to maneuver out of hoods, especially if your hands are zipped away in their own compartments.

KingCamp has solved that problem with the addition of not just one zipper, but two that can be used to help you get out of it.

Available in striking, vibrant colors, these are also ideal for those times when you need to be spotted a mile away. We really don’t think anyone’s going to miss a monstrous navy-blue shell creature waving their hands in the air. Especially when waving at them like they just don’t care.

We’ve been wrong before, so you never know.

The one area it’s lacking compared to others is the fact it only has an average temperature rating of 37.4 degrees. All in all, a rather splendid take on the concept of a wearable sleeping bag despite the temp issue.

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  • Adult size can fit guys up to 5’10”
  • Handy interior pocket
  • Two-way zipper
  • Hood may be too small for some


3) Selk’bag Adult Star Wars Wearable Sleeping Bag

Rebel Pilot, Chewbacca, Darth Vader, Storm Trooper

A massive Star Wars fan and you want to feel like you’ve done the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs? Want to take on the might of the Empire and destroy the entire Death Star firing at the weakest point? Why was there a weak point in the first place? Why George?

Do you want to wield the force for the Dark Side and then refuse to kill your enemy, because you know, he’s your kid? Do you want to build a snowman? The last part aside, you want to have one of these ultra-badass Selk’bag Star Wars Wearable Sleeping Bags to help you achieve your childhood dreams.

They’re useful for snowman building too!

Try not to drift off imagining all the possibilities of Star Wars recreations for your next camping trip or just you know, around the house. Patience you must have, young Padawans.

It’s impressive, to say the least, and offers removable booties and their reinforced nylon outsoles. To further add greatness to this, it also has the same water resistance, polyester shell, and comfortably insulated hood. You even get the sleeves that allow your hands to slip in and out easily.

The bottom line is, with this, Selk’bags have created something that all Star Wars fans can wear. Whether it’s when they’re camping out under the stars or even just lounging around the house. It offers the same kind of experience as the Selk’bag mentioned earlier.

If you’re not a Star Wars fan, we won’t hold that against you. Don’t worry, it just means the force isn’t strong with you. That’s all.

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  • Gives you control of the force
  • Incredibly comfortable and flexible
  • Those removable booties
  • Can be tight around the hips


4) HQ ISSUE Tactical Sleeping Bag with Arms

Olive Drab

You know when something is tactical these days, it means it’s ready for action, wherever it may come from. That’s pretty much the deal here with the HQ ISSUE Tactical Sleeping Bag with Arms. Picture the scene, you’re a field marksman, waiting for a clean shot at your target.

The temperature is dropping, but you can’t just head home and get to bed until it’s warm again in the morning. You need to hold your post, no matter how cold it gets. That’s why wearable sleeping bags with arms, just like this one from HQ ISSUE, were invented.

They provided the warmth and comfort those well-trained snipers needed in their downtime.

However, we’re guessing you’re not on the lookout for some gear to take out enemies. You might be looking for something to wear when you’re hunting for that whitetail deer in Missouri or Iowa. Perhaps, you’re needing one for a hiking and camping adventure in Sedona, Arizona.

Something that’ll keep that cold out, while providing you with some maneuverability is essential. The 100% polyester helps, as does the filler insulation of 80g of polyester fiber. It offers an average temperature rating of 30 degrees. Weather resistance is provided by the 500mm PU coating too.

The arms are fully insulated and always attached, with openings for your hands to stick out and hold your rifle or preferred firearm. To tackle those nasty windchills, the hood doesn’t go anywhere. With a cinched neck, it gives you an incredibly snug fit. Heavy-duty zippers help to keep everything secure and tightly sealed.

If you’re planning a trip to the great outdoors anytime, you should consider getting your hands on one of these.

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  • Cool camo-like olive green color
  • Insulated hood and sleeves
  • Hand holes for extra maneuverability
  • Can be a little noisy when you move


5) Hysenm Adult Single Humanoid Mummy Sleeping Bag

Blue, Orange

Next up are the cool wearable sleeping bags from Hysenm. It’s made from a 320D outer of nylon and features a silk-like cotton filling of 200g per sq. meter. These sleeping bags are breathable, durable, soft, and keeps the cold out. Campi in Yosemite National Park, hunt in Iowa or go on a road trip from Seattle to California. It doesn’t matter which.

The Hysenm humanoid mummy sleeping bag is perfect for ensuring you have comfort and maneuverability you need. Providing safety and warmth, this model can do it all.

One of the ways heat escapes sometimes is by making its way inside bags. The cold then gets to extremities and around your neck. Hysenm has taken this into consideration with the design of this sleeping bag. The hood features a drawstring that makes it much easier to adjust and produce a tighter and closer fit.

You’ll notice the snugness not just around the head and face, as well as your neck and collar.

These wearable sleeping bags are convenient and portable. They ensure you always have the level of warmth and comfort needed on the road. All without the hassle of getting and in and out of your sleeping bag. However, the time may come that you’re able to draw yourself out and put your Hysenm sleeping bag away.

When this occurs, you’ll be able to make use of the incredibly cool little compression carry bag. You’ll be quite as amazed at how small it can actually reduce in size with this.

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  • Slots for your arms to slip out
  • Comfortable and flexible
  • Features drawstring hood
  • Expensive for what you get


6) Sierra Designs Mobile Mummy 800 2-Season Sleeping Bag

Sierra Designs
Bossa Nova/Smoked Pearl

If you’re a fan of horror films, the name might jump out at you a little. Don’t worry, you won’t look like the dead coming to life in bandages wearing this one. You may feel a little like you were tightly wrapped up, though. Though gimmicky, it offers zipperless arm ports that make it incredibly easy to reach for things without getting out of your sleeping bag.

It also offers a 2-way zipper system that enables you to vent the bag out and free your legs when you need to move.

The ripstop fabric is made of polyester, which is capable of withstanding repeated use outdoors and resistant to all manner of wear and tear. Sitting close to your skin, the interior polyester taffeta provides a layer of softness and comfort. As you’d expect, there’s a layer of insulation in the bag.

This particular wearable sleeping bag is DriDown. This means it can dry around 33% faster than normal sleeping bags. It can be exposed to a lot of moisture and manage to retain around 170% loft. With that said, it will stay dry around 10 times longer than alternatives.

The arms, zippers, hoods, and draft tubes provide tighter seals against warm air escaping and cold getting in. The hood offers a lot more flexibility than other models too. It doesn’t have toggles or cords that could potentially get in your way either.

You can move where you want to and turn your head in any direction you choose. Comfort, flexibility, and warmth have all been covered effectively by Sierra Designs.

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  • Easy to use zipperless arm ports
  • 2-way zipper system helps free your feet
  • DriDown is considered being the best insulation available
  • May not be quite as warm as suggested


7) SLPY – New Wearable Sleeping Bag

Orange on Green

The SLPY are cool-looking wearable sleeping bags that enable you to do everything and anything you’d like. Meanwhile, camping or out exploring the world can be done with ease. It’s been designed to support you through 3 different seasons and the weather conditions.

It’s made from the polyester lining and lightweight polyester outer that we’ve come to expect. Although it has a slick coloring, it’s incredibly functional. Overall, it’s essential for all your outdoor activity needs.

SLPY have ensured that there’s enough insulation in their bag with synthetic wadding of 200g per sq. m. They’ve also followed the trend started by other manufacturers and included a drawstring hood. This makes a lot of sense. The last thing you want to do in the cold and in the middle of nowhere is deal with different toggles and straps.

A simple drawstring negates all that hassIt. It offers a tight-fitting hood that helps keep the hot air from escaping around your neck and head. There’s also webbing in the bottom zips, arms, and behind the chest panel. This helps to make it that little more luxurious and comfortable.

It even comes with a draft collar behind the bag’s main zip.

The slider can be flipped over to give you the freedom to either zip it up or down from inside or outside. We think that’s ideal on those days when it’s insanely cold and we don’t want to put a finger out of the bag. All in all, it may not be the most feature-filled item on our list.

However, it does have enough good that outweighs any bad.

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  • Comforting webbing in bottom, arm and chest area
  • Reversible main zipper slider
  • Machine washable
  • Pricey consider the lack of extras


8) Wnnideo Sleeping Bag

Blue, Green

Wnnideo has produced wearable sleeping bags that are cost-effective. Quite frankly, they’re awesome and easy to use. The length is incredibly adjustable to start with, thanks to the two elastic ropes that run up the side of the bag. You simply pull on those, we imagine like a set of blinds, to adjust the length.

Further to that, the zipper system allows you the freedom to let your arms and legs out when you need and want to.

As the company notes, conventional sleeping bags are too small and offer little space. Due to how adjustable it is, you can basically wear it as a long jacket. It’s also relatively large, offering great space. There’s a certain joy in pointing something out then putting out a product to actually do as you claim.

Putting your money where your mouth is.

Imagine, you just awoke from that great sleep you always get under the stars. You feel right as rain, even if you’re knocking the sleepy dust from your eyes. Simply because you’re in your awesome wearable sleeping bag and don’t need to actually unzip it.

You can simply adjust it and then watch as your tired buddies wrestle with theirs. Then they complain that they need to get their jackets from their backpacks. All while you sit there, happy as a pig in mud, warming your hands by the fire and enjoying the natural world at its finest.

Doesn’t that sound grand to you?

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  • Extremely adjustable and flexible
  • Can even be worn as a jacket
  • A whole lotta fun
  • Could provide more warmth


9) Nunatak Raku


These wearable sleeping bags made by Nunatak Raku acts like a combination of a customized sleeping bag and a fully-insulated down suit. The Raku has many great things to fall in love with. The crucial features worth discussing are the incredibly deep and luxuriously warm.

Along with the comfortable hood, the foot box can be opened. It also has some interesting yet giant snug and warm sleeves.

Speaking of the foot box, it really comes into its own when you have to move from one part of camp to another. The elastic shock-cord opening is quick and easy to use. In one simple move, your legs are free and you can roam around, being the envy of your friends.

Perhaps one of the most amazing things about this product is the fact it can be fully customized in so many different and exciting ways. For example, rather than having to just settle for whatever temperature rating you get, you can choose exactly what you want it to be.

The range is from 0-degrees right up to 40-degrees.

The important thing to remember is that the material cut will be slightly different to accommodate. Nunatak also offers customization when it comes to the liner fabric, shoulder width, down type, and even zipper length.

You can essentially pick and choose the features and specifications you like the most.  While it’s definitely expensive, you can’t fault their range of customization options.

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  • Fully customizable
  • Foot box opening and adjustable length
  • Extremely comfortable, if worm-like
  • Most expensive item in our guide


Sleep in it, Sit in It, Walk in It

Hopefully, we’ve been able to show you why wearable sleeping bags are something you really need to consider for your next camping, hunting or fishing trip. Even if you’re not the outdoorsy-type, most don’t like the cold weather when they’re in it for too long. We all want to save on your gas and electricity bills too.

This allows you to benefit from owning one of the awesome wearable sleeping bags featured above. They’re definitely very gimmicky in terms of their appearance. However, all of the products we highlighted in this guide are seriously good at what they do. That’s providing comfort, warmth, and maneuverability.

You can dress as a Wookie or a Special Ops marksman, and no one is going to say that’s not a lot of fun. We already know what we’re doing next weekend! However, it’s important to see past the novelty of these items.

If you’re looking for something that will protect you from the elements or at least provide you with another layer of protection, wearable sleeping bags are the perfect addition to your kit.

If you’ve been interested in them in the past, you’ll know how many different products there are out there. Many of which that do not have clear descriptions or information. Our aim with this guide was to take the guesswork out of your decision to buy one.

Trying the random process of elimination can be frustrating when searching. We genuinely hope our guide helped you have a good idea of which you’re going to spend that hard-earned cash on. Remember, no one’s going to judge you if you payout for a full set of Star Wars Selk’bags.

Use the force, our padawans and we’re sure you’ll make the right choice!