The Matrix Pillow is the “ultimate pillow for a restful night and an energetic morning.” It is the much-needed lifesaver for those suffering from bedtime problems.

This bedroom essential does more than provide your head and neck support during sleep. Consider it your “portable chiropractor.” It focuses on proper spinal alignment or structure displacement so you don’t suffer from back, shoulder, neck, or head pains when you wake up from an improper position.

Naturally, when we sleep we don’t know what position we are in. This is where the Matrix Pillow comes in. It self-adjusts to your different sleeping positions so your body parts get adequate support. When you turn the side, the pillow contours to provide your head support and thus preventing the above-mentioned pains. It aligns your cervical spine in a natural shape. This process then also lessens the chances of snoring since the airway is open. These equate to a relaxing and fitful sleep and one which you wake up from feeling energetic.

This pillow adapts NASA’s memory foam composed of 14 individual cubes that move independently of one another. This means that no matter how you toss and turn in your sleep all night, your head and neck continuously gets the support they need.

The Matrix Pillow has two layers of padding. The upper is a memory foam to protect your head and neck and absorb pressure. The bottom or lower layer is a high-rebound sponge for all-night-long proper support. The divided cubes have grooves separating them that provide cool ventilation.

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Images courtesy of the Matrix Pillow