If you’re looking for some help on what gift you should give for a loved one who’s into skateboarding, then read along. This article will walk you through the best ideas, must-have skating gear, and the latest trends in the world of skateboarding! Whether you’re a skater, gathering information on what to purchase for a skater, this guide is for you.

What Gift Should You Give A Skater?

Sometimes skateboarders, when asked about what gifts they ‘might’ want, for the holidays, birthdays or any special events, two things are sure: first, they might hesitate to tell you what they really want. Second, they have no idea what to ask for. You’ll surely encounter the second one most of the time, and you should know what to buy.

Receiving something you need or perhaps, something you thought you don’t need but in reality, you do, is simply heartwarming. It paints a smile on someone’s face through your little act of thoughtfulness and kindness. So here it is, your comprehensive guide for skateboarding gift ideas.

Give your skater the gift or securing all his or her essentials in one place. From knee pads, wrist guards, headphones, cameras, or helmet. There’s no better choice than a skateboard backpack that is specifically designed to meet the very challenging and dynamic nature of skateboarding. Not all bags are made to move with a skateboarder, and giving one this is would be undoubtedly an excellent idea.

While it’s the most traditional gift ever given to a skater, they don’t fade and are still a favorite. Although they may have an existing one, providing an extra that can withstand rigorous usage is essential. Skateboards come in various styles and types. Make sure that it’s made with lightweight yet heavy-duty materials.

There is a wealth of information about skateboarding that you’ll find in a myriad of books, which are great gift ideas for a skater. Most of these are guidelines or walkthroughs on how to improve your skills in skateboarding. With the genre of your choice, a bookworm skater will surely love this one.

Skateboarding safety gear is a great gift idea. With a knee pad, the skater is protected against accidents, falls, or potential injury from falling or impact associated with the sports.

Keeping your skater friend safe is crucial and a great way to show you care. Why not give her or him a wrist guard? A reliable pair of wrist guards will protect anyone from forearm injury or reduce direct impact from sudden falls or other indirect effects.

The wheels of skateboards need to be durable enough to last for a longer time. Moreover, it varies from types, sizes, shapes, and materials. Double-check to see what model the recipient regularly uses for their boards and grab those.

Skateboard trucks provide stability, and purchasing the right one is a vital decision that you need to weigh your options with properly. Ensure that skateboard trucks you get are made from durable yet lightweight metals.

A skateboard deck is an excellent gift for any skater. The deck represents the full package, which includes the trucks and wheels. While there are various factors associated with skateboarding, knowing and understanding this will help you search for the best gift.

Any safety gear shows them your care, and a skateboard helmet is an excellent gift you can give. It’s a cool gift you can gift to any skater. Most skateparks require the skater to wear a helmet, or they will not be allowed inside.

When it comes to giving your skateboard better acceleration and speed, the type of bearing plays a vital role in overall package performance. With higher rating means quicker spin. If you think your skater loves speed, then skateboard bearings are great gift ideas to give.

One of the latest trends when skateboarding nowadays is not only to learn a new trick or to enhance skills; most skaters nowadays use technologies like cameras or headphones while skating. These gift ideas will surely make them extra happy.

Shoes are another excellent gift you can give with a skater. The right shoes will make (or break) your skateboarding experience. Take into consideration the sole, insole, cushioning, and overall comfort so that it will enhance the experience for the user.

Most skateboarders end up tattering or having torn clothes. It may not look essential at first, but clothes are also a great gift you might want to check out when giving a skater gifts. There are several types of clothes ranging from socks, jeans, or t-shirts. Just make sure the style would appeal to whoever you plan to give it to.

Essential Factors To Consider When Buying Gifts

While there are tons of accessories and gift ideas to give your skater, some factors need to be considered like the following;


You may want to give your loved ones the best (and occasionally expensive) gift to show you care. But the truth is, the mere thought of you caring about someone is already priceless. The gift ideas mentioned above will help you decide what gifts you can give to a skateboarder.