When it comes to reliable and robust outdoor gear, Pelican Outdoors is your go-to guy. They are not just limited to coolers and tumblers but anything that gives you satisfaction when in the great outdoors. This includes protection for your camera like the Pelican Outdoors Rugged Camera Lens Cover.

Photos are great keepsakes when out and about in the great wilderness. While your phone may give you options for a great shot, nothing beats the features you can find in a professional or DSLR camera. In this case, you need protection for your lenses and this robust offering from the brand provides just that.

The Pelican Outdoors Rugged Camera Lens Cover is made from Premium 25A Grade Silicone with a weather-sealing fit. It’s great in keeping moisture, water, dust, and dirt off your camera lenses while protecting them from bumps and scratches. Plus, its column structure provides extra impact absorption.

The high density and elastic silicon fits most pro-level camera lenses on the market and has been tested on lenses from 67mm to 120mm. As it is geared toward the outdoor enthusiast, it comes in a packable and lightweight size design. It is only 0.08 pounds and has the dimensions 2¾” x 2¾” x 2¼”.

Now you can head out on your next excursion stress-free knowing your camera lens has the ultimate security from the elements. The Pelican Outdoors Rugged Camera Lens Cover even boasts a ruggedly handsome appeal that would look good on any camera. It also comes in two solid colors namely Stealth Black and Coyote.

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Images courtesy of Pelican Outdoors