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Kahn Design Land Rover Defender 2.4

The British folks at Kahn Design are specialized in improving the looks and performances of our favorite kind of vehicles- rugged Jeeps and Defenders. The latest gem to roll out of their…


Blacked-Out 1979 Land Rover Series 3 Defender

Cool N Vintage, a company based in Lisbon, Portugal, embraces the quote “there’s no school like the old school,” which led them down the path of automotive restoration. Professionally-rebuilt Land Rover Series 3 Defenders appear to be its area of expertise and a recently finished beauty, in particular, caught our eye.


2014 Land Rover Spectre Defender

When you have a larger-than-life hero like James Bond in a movie, the vehicles driven need to be up to par. Case in point, the 2014 Land Rover Spectre Defender ($Auction),…

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