Back when most smartphones and tablets were built with regular usage in mind, users relied on chunky cases and screen protectors to safeguard their expensive gadgets. These days, most mid-range to flagship models boast superior ingress protection and scratch-resistant surfaces. Otterbox was a brand that was synonymous with top-notch protection. With the growth of mobile gaming, the company is expanding its catalog with accessories catering to the market. This is the Otterbox Gaming collection.

With games like PUBG, Fortnite, and Call of Duty: Mobile among others dominating the mobile gaming scene, gamepads are becoming a must-have accessory. Given some titles demand precision, touch controls just won’t cut it. As such, Otterbox Gaming wants to help us out with gear designed for the Xbox controller.

You have the Mobile Gaming Clip to let you attach your smartphone to your favorite Xbox gamepad. As for the Gaming Carry Case, its an all-in-one gear that can store your controller even with the former add-on attached. It even has a cable pass-through for charging as well as a flip screen stand on the exterior.

Then there is the Antimicrobial Easy Grip Controller Shell, which improves your grip and keep pathogens at bay. Otterbox Gaming also acknowledges that some folks prefer to play using the touchscreen of their smartphones.

This is where the Antimicrobial Easy Grip Gaming Case comes into play. Not only does it shield your device from damage during a fall, but the ergonomic anti-slip texture and edges also make it comfortable to hold for longer gaming sessions.

Finally, we have the Gaming Glass Privacy Guard – a premium screen protector that prevents others from peeking at your display. Some of the products in the Otterbox Gaming lineup will be available for several handset models.

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Images courtesy of Otterbox