Fewer frills but more thrills are far better when it comes to picking out a pocket knife. A minimalist design can be more appealing especially when it boasts great strength and durability, just like Origin Handcrafted’s TILI Knife.

This knife speaks of functionality and versatility. It may not have decorative pieces or not a showpiece. But it certainly makes up for it with its built and purpose. Suffice, to say, it’s a practical everyday tool that does more than it looks.

Origin Handcrafted’s TILI Knife (pronounced TILEE) is a multipurpose blade. It is your go-to tool for your cutting, slicing, scraping, and opening needs. This means it’s great for all-around work in the kitchen or outdoors on any excursions. It is also guaranteed to be reliable in the workshop and in the warehouse.

It doesn’t have any screws, bolts, locks, clips, serrations, or any other component commonly found in a pocket knife. What you get is a single piece of construction made with 1095 high carbon blade steel, which is known for its sharpness and durability. It has a sheepsfoot profile to make it ideal for a vast majority of cutting tasks and a rugged, solid fixed blade that holds up unlike those found in folding knives.

Origin Handcrafted’s TILI Knife is slim and compact with a total length of just under six inches (15cm). It has a cutting edge of 6.2 cm It comes in three handles models: the Skelen, with a skeletonized handle, Hempen with the steel wrapped in resin hardened hemp cord, and the Oaken, which uses authentic Whiskey Barrel Oak and brass Corby bolts on the handle. All models come with their own sheath for protection. But they don’t have a space for a holder like those common with keychain multi-tools.

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Images courtesy of Origin Handcrafted