The Ore Mountain Chalet is not what it seems at first glance. What may look like a storage warehouse on the outside is actually an idyllic luxurious retreat on the inside.

The abode sits among rocky and wooded scenery in Czech’s forest topography. It sits just a few meters from the edge of the forest and boasts an angular timber facade painted gray to match the tones of its surrounding granite and basalt rocks. New How Architects designed the chalet according to the seasonal changing local climates. The roof is at a steep angle to support snow load during the winter months.

Meanwhile, the exterior abstract is based on the idea of a “lookout tower” so the interior space resembles a tower instead of a house. The spacious interior of the Ore Mountain Chalet makes up three floors each with its own character. The third floor hosts a library, a studio, and a refuge where one can gaze at views of the treetops, the horizon, and landscape through a 25m-long square window.

The bathroom, sleeping corners, and the open space gallery are on the second floor. A net flooring allows for a cohesive connection to the lower floor and also functions as a lounge area. The first floor is where you can find the kitchen, dining area, and living space basked with a central fireplace. There is also a deck formed from a cutout on the sloping roof. All floors in this forest abode have large glass windows that provide amazing views of the surrounding scenery.

The Ore Mountain Chalet can sleep at least ten people, runs on electricity, and equipped with connection points for the rooftop photovoltaic system and for vertical wind turbines for a self-sufficient living.

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Images courtesy of New How Architects