As much as we want things to go back to normal as soon as possible, the pandemic rages on. Although some restrictions have been lifted, our daily commute still exposes us to possible transmissions. Therefore, working from home is not going away anytime soon. To help you get a leg up during video conferences, here’s Opal’s C1.

Let’s face it, laptops and desktop computers still lag behind smartphones or tablets when it comes to camera resolution. This is probably why most people prefer to use these instead of their workstations at home. With the C1, Opal levels the playing field with 4K-resolution support.

This feature is rarely found even on high-end notebooks, let alone leading computer peripheral brands. Except for the iPad Pro and latest iPhones, Apple only equips its MacBooks with 720p front-facing cameras. Why settle for mediocre when you can enjoy top-notch image quality with a sleek and compact webcam?

The C1 measures 1.97” x 3.07” x 1.81” (H x W x D) with the mount and 1.49” x 3.07” x 0.94” without it. It packs a ƒ1.8, six-element, glass-lens which outperforms other webcams when it comes to low-light visibility. Opal equips it with a 7.8-mm 4K Sony sensor to blow the competition out of the water.

Not only does it deliver crisp and vibrant images, but the MicMesh technology also captures great audio too. Opal uses an array of beamforming microphones and intelligent noise cancelation for crystal clear communication. The C1 also boasts premium craftsmanship with aerospace-grade aluminum in a classy matte finish.

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Images courtesy of Opal