When it comes to camping, there are those who really love to rough it out with nothing but survival skills and some gear. On the flipside. Some individuals prefer to have some creature comforts when outdoors. For the latter crowd, Rvs and campers are the platforms of choice to haul everything you need. Here we have OPUS as it introduces the OP15 Hybrid Caravan.

Now all you need is to plot your course and drive this trailer there and enjoy the scenery. We would be lying if we claim that we would rather go the traditional route when camping. OPUS apparently has its reasons for describing it as a hybrid. According to the manufacturer, it earns this distinction thanks to its tough but luxurious features.

The OP15 is a 15-foot off-road camper that is as close as you’re going to get to an upscale apartment on two wheels. Whenever you feel like it, just pull over and set up camp the modern way. After you park it on a suitable site, it’s time to let the party begin as this machine transforms into a mobile hub for grub, sleep, entertainment, and the call of nature.

Inside is a king-size bed with an innerspring mattress for lavish comfort. Meanwhile, you can opt to add bunk beds that will share the space of the dinette with premium leatherette upholstery on the seats. Additionally, for maximizing interior space, OPUS is integrating a slide-out system as well as a pop-up roof with a Dometic AC.

From outside, you can access the kitchen with sink, fridge, pantry, and a fold-out picnic table. Finally entertainment comes from a flat-screen TV and a stereo sound system with speakers inside as well as outside. The OP15 Hybrid Caravan is certainly a must-have for overlanding enthusiasts.

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Images courtesy of OPUS