Volkswagen has done something special to commemorate the 30th anniversary of its iconic California Camper Van. The German automaker has announced a brand-new edition of the vehicle.

Designed for outdoor recreation enthusiasts, the California 30 Years edition builds upon the classic’s already superb offerings with a unique badge showing its production number. Plus all the gear and built-in equipment you need to ensure efficient, no-frills outdoor expeditions.

The California Camper Van comes with programmable heating and double-glazed windows as standard. Both these should make the car feel like home away from home, wherever you may be. Bright wood cabinet trims make the interiors more homey and liveable. There’s a popup sleeper compartment, and even an external shower, to boot.

Let’s not forget the kitchenette. While you’ll likely be spending lunches outside because camping’s more authentic that way, it’s still a nice little addition. You also get a full-length cabin bed for a good night’s rest. Tons of storage are available inside to put all your knick knacks in, and there are many tech features to toy around with, as well.

Volkswagen since the California Camper Van has been a symbol of individual freedom since 1988, and we’re inclined to agree. Made for pure adventure, it’s remains an iconic household name to this day. Note that just 999 units will be made, and only 30 are coming to the UK. If you want one, better order fast. As a side note, hopefully Volkswagen puts something more special than just a badge for the car’s 60th year.


Photos courtesy of Volkswagen