Hiking boots need not be dull, heavy, and typical- if you know what I mean. They can appear rugged and sporty too just like the On Cloudrock Edge Raw.

These pair do not look like hiking boots at all, but much more like basketball shoes. That’s probably because of its design, with its soft high collar reminiscent of those worn by basketball players. The high collar serves its purpose as it provides cushion and grip during hikes or long walks.

Aside from the soft collar, the On Cloudrock Edge Raw also has a padded liner and a reinforced tongue for further comfort and cushion. The trio makes outdoor activities comfortable and enjoyable. As such, this ultra-limited pair is designed for the outdoors. It is also windproof and water-proof. It also has a 7mm heel-toe drop.

The addition of the Missiongrip soles and their varied traction patterns guarantee grip on mixed terrain and conditions. You can be certain of pedal safety with these shoes on, as long as you also mind the path you tread on.

Moreover, the On Cloudrock Edge Raw is the most sustainable product from the brand as of date. It is made from 80 percent polyester sourced from recycled materials. The shoes are made from 30 percent recycled polypropylene Speedboard, 5 percent recycled rubber sock-liner, and 50 percent recycled wind and waterproof polyurethane membrane. These make the pair lightweight to “make long adventures lighter.” The shoe is just at a weight of 1.03lbs. The materials are also guaranteed dye and bleach-free.

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Images courtesy of On-Running