While the adoption of all-electric powertrains continues to grow, many leading brands have already met success with their respective models. When it comes to motorcycles, however, several renowned marques are yet to make any announcements. As such, Omega Motors and its roster of enthusiasts are taking matters into their own hands. The EV200 is their first offering and it’s an exciting one.

What we like about this electric motorcycle, is the effort to retain the silhouette of the donor bike. For their first project, the group based in San Francisco went with a popular platform from Honda – a 1975 CB200. Normally, when shops convert conventional bikes into green machines, the profile changes.

Omega Motors appears to have painstakingly kept the distinct outline intact. Although tweaks were made allowing the frame to accommodate the new components, the EV200 still oozes a stylish retro vibe. The space where the engine once was now houses its 48V 1.6-kWh battery unit.

To charge, just lift the fuel cap and plug it in. Below that, we can see the 5-kW nominal to 10-kW peak Golden Motor electric motor. A full charge is enough to take the EV200 up to 30 miles. Meanwhile, the EV200 peaks at 60 mph, which should be good enough for a drive around the city minus any emissions.

Some of the original parts such as the front forks, brakes, and wheels have been reconditioned as well. Even the original switches and analog speedometer of the CB200 are still in use. To stay on top of your batteries, Omega Motors cleverly hides a status display under the leather flap on the tank. Sadly, the EV200 is a one-off creation only.

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Images courtesy of Omega Motors