The humble apron has seen modern upgrades over the years from what it used to be – a simple piece of fabric worn over other clothing to keep it mess or stain-free. Over time it has gone from the kitchen counter to the wet market, garage, and more. Suffice to say, it has become a functional necessity. Aprons no longer just serve to keep dirt off from clothing but also to hold tools.  They now also come in different designs and are made from different materials. Take for instance the Canvas and Leather Aprons over at olpr. Leather Goods Co.

The brand specializes in various leather crafts from wallets, bags, watch straps, journals, MacBook cases, and more. They come in very fetching colors and designs and best of all, they are customizable. They make the perfect corporate giveaways or celebratory gifts.  Their Canvas and Leather Aprons are no different.


Great Form and Function

Aprons are functional accessories no matter the profession or lack thereof. You can be a chef, a hairdresser, a mechanic, a tattoo artist, or a barista, and you’d not want to wear one. It adds allure to the job and of course, keeps things tidy. Over at olpr. Leather Goods Co., their Canvas and Leather Apron come in Black, Olive, Camel, and Green colors. Black is generally the top color choice for most professions because it is unisex and looks classy.

Regardless of color choice, olpr. Leather Goods Co. assures their Canvas and Leather Aprons are comfortable, durable, and fashionable. They are made in either waxed or non-waxed canvas with accents made from high-quality crazy horse leather.  The leather develops its patina over time making the apron unique to each user. It can go through color changes and retain the scratches and other imperfections, which are marks of premium genuine leather.


Best of all, olpr. Leather Goods Co. offers Canvas and Leather Aprons that do not just exceed in form but also function. They are versatile so you can use them both indoors and outdoors.  They are especially useful when cooking up a garden feast because they come with seriously spacious pockets.

They have one leather breast pocket and three spacious canvas pockets to hold the tools needed for the task at hand.  These include three vertical pockets and a large kangaroo pouch. They also have anti-slip cross belts that are adjustable according to body size, height, and one’s preferred comfortable fit.  

Great Mementos

olpr. Leather Goods Co. also want to make sure you treasure your Canvas and Leather Aprons. As such, they offer personalization. You can customize your wear with your name to make it even more uniquely your own. For a fee, you can choose to have the letters either debossed (the first three letters are free of charge) or engraved. Debossing involves imprinting on leather with the use of a special mold. Meanwhile, engraving letters or an image means carving them onto the leather via a laser machine.

Aprons are quintessential indoor and outdoor accessories for just about anyone. They are handy not just at home but also where the job calls for them. When choosing aprons, why not go for those that guarantee functionality, durability, and great comfort. olpr. Leather Goods Co. are masters at their art and their Canvas and Leather Aprons are testaments to that. They are stylish, neat, and beautifully crafted inside and out, they even look good worn on their own, if you’re brave enough.

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