Your toothbrush is also a haven for bacteria and germs. It is the one important thing in our daily hygiene routine that we tend to overlook when it comes to proper cleaning. Thankfully, sanitizing stations exist to do this job just like the Oclean Bloom Slim.

This wall-mounted hub kills 99.9 percent of bacteria, germs, and viruses in 30 seconds although its sanitizing process takes three minutes in total. Much like other sterilizing kits in the market, it uses UV light to effectively clean your toothbrush. What makes this unique from its kind is its capacity. It can simultaneously clean three toothbrushes and can hold up to five.

The Oclean Bloom Slim is easy to operate. Just place the toothbrushes needing sterilizing and pull down the switch to activate the cleaning process. The UV light works to quickly and effectively sterilize your toothbrushes before and after use. This machine features two zones for quick sanitation process. The active ultraviolet zone blasts the bristles with UVC-light to kill microorganisms. The other zone functions as regular storage for your toothbrushes.

To make sure the UV rays stay safe for consumers, this kit uses a specially designed bulb on the front and a photochromic material to protect the eyes. The shell is also made from non-toxic and tasteless ABS material.

The Oclean Bloom Slim runs on a 1000mAh rechargeable battery that charges through a type-C cable. The battery works up to 28 days before it needs a refuel. This device is also easy to install: just a 3M tape to stick to a glass or ceramic tile wall.

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Images courtesy of Oclean Bloom Slim