Since we’ve been staying home more these days, our supplies should be running out faster than ever. Aside from necessary items such as food, medication, and other supplies, don’t forget to check your stash of the good stuff. When you need to grab some booze, be sure to give a bottle of Oak & Eden’s Bourbon & Vine a try.

Come on now! Even if you’re a snob with how to enjoy a drink, this seasonal release deserves a chance. How else will one discover new flavors and sensations if they just play it safe, right? As long as whiskey and wine are equally pleasant to your palate, then the Bourbon & Vine would make a fine addition to your lineup of spirits at home.

As you can already surmise from the name, this blend welcomes a wonderful infusion courtesy of Marker Cellars Winery. Another cool aspect about this collaboration is Oak & Eden’s use of its proprietary in-bottle finishing method. This is unlike the usual method most distillers follow wherein their whiskey ages inside casks.

Instead, after the bourbon is bottled, they add a 5” spiral-cut piece of French Oak supplied by the winemaker from Texas. Of course, this wood has been steeping in the Cabernet Sauvignon, which then adds a subtle hint of fruit that enhances the experience.

Treat your taste buds to something unique with each sip. Have it straight or on the rocks first to fully experience what the distiller has crafted for us. We believe the Oak & Eden Bourbon & Vine is a good starting point before you jump into their other Infused Series.

Experience it now: here

Images courtesy of Oak & Eden