By the time this article is published, most of you likely had a wonderful Thanksgiving with family or friends. Celebrations like this typically involve good company, food, and drinks, which is why we’re here to share some suggestions for your next gathering. After a string of awesome American whiskey releases, it might be time to sample Crown Royal’s oldest expression.

Even if you prefer to stick to the usual booze in your cabinet or from your local distributor, it’s a shame to miss out on some rare editions like this 30-year-old Canadian whiskey. The appropriately named Aged 30 Years is an exclusively limited production run and it is likely none will be shipped to some states. Nevertheless, a few are bound to pop up in the resale market sooner or later.

It won’t hurt to try your luck and get in touch with retailers in your area or other online establishments. Perhaps a bottle or two are in stock at the time of inquiry. Whiskey experts were quick to point out that this blended expression is a surprise in more ways than one given Canadian distilleries usually do not usually highlight the age of whiskeys.

“Our longest-aged blend to date, Crown Royal 30 Year Old is a tour de force, aged to extraordinary distinction for no fewer than three decades,” reads the product page. “Each whisky in this blend was distilled in Coffey stills, the only one of its kind in North America. Then aged in used barrels at our historic LaSalle distillery, the liquid is defined by a unique combination of bold flavor and velvety mouthfeel.”

As for the tasting notes, the nose is that of baking spices, ripe pear, and maple syrup with a palate of vanilla, orchard fruit, warm spices, and caramel. Finally, oak and cinnamon are most pronounced alongside its sweet and creamy finish. The Crown Royal Aged 30 Years is bottled at 46% abv and ships inside a fancy box.

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Images courtesy of Crown Royal