The whiskey scene is always full of surprises. Even the most hardened enthusiasts believe there is a whole lot more to sample to truly appreciate what distilleries around the world have to offer. For inspiration, you can always turn to the internet to see what people might have missed out on. Perhaps the Jacob’s Pardon Small Batch #3 is your next delightful drink.

Produced by Palm Bay International this spirit carries an 18-year age statement. Defined as a light whiskey, don’t let the category fool you because those deemed as such pack a mean wallop. Basically, expressions like this are bottled with high ABVs to remove minor compounds that result in a milder burning sensation from each sip.

Technically, to qualify as one, the whiskey needs to be higher than 160 proof but no more than 190 proof. Upon checking, the Jacob’s Pardon Small Batch #3 is rocking a 71% ABV or roughly 142 proof. Details supplied by the distillery paint a fascinating background story behind the American whiskey in question.

Moreover, it explains exactly why they named it that way. Jacob Taub and Abner Taub were renowned bootleggers amid the Prohibition era in the United States of America. After their capture by authorities, both were pardoned by Franklin D. Roosevelt six years later. Each bottle holds a clear and bright liquid in a shade of cocoa brown.

Pour some in a glass and aromas of cacao, toasted marshmallow, English toffee, saltwater taffy, creamed corn, cinnamon bun, turbinado brown sugar, and spices ignite the nostrils. Take a sip to unveil flavors of corn syrup, caramel corn candy, sweet breakfast cereal, and oak. Finally, the Jacob’s Pardon Small Batch #3 delivers a long a refined finish.

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Images courtesy of Palm Bay International