American whiskey drinkers have been raving about WhistlePig for quite some time now. In fact, the distillery has maintained a solid reputation even among the more snobbish of enthusiasts. Like its contemporaries in the business, they’re offering a truly sensational treat just in time for the holidays. Get ready for the Farmstock Beyond Bonded collection.

A few months ago, we showcased the latest addition to its growing lineup of rare blends. We can only presume that not everyone was lucky enough to grab one before all stocks were sold out. Due to the stellar reception of the series, WhistlePig is spoiling us with all three expressions dropping at the same time.

If opportunity never knocked on your door before, it’s practically breaching it right now with a sledgehammer. The Farmstock Beyond Bonded collection is comprised of bourbon, rye, and wheat whiskies which have undergone a stringent production process in accordance with the 1897 Bottled-In-Bond Act.

Some of you might be thinking it’s just a marketing gimmick. However, to be recognized as such, the distillery needed to follow all the government’s outlined regulations strictly. It means all batches of their Farmstock Beyond Bonded collection were exclusively distilled by WhistlePig, in a single distilling season, and at one of their facilities only.

Furthermore, the casks must be aged in a bonded warehouse for a minimum of four years and bottled at exactly 100 proof or 50% ABV. Basically, it assures the drinker that the contents of the Farmstock Beyond Bonded collection are absolutely of the finest quality. We’ve also learned that all the grains used were sourced from WhistlePig’s 500-acre fields. Don’t delay and secure your bottles before they’re all gone!

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Images courtesy of WhistlePig