When it comes to publicity, WhistlePig does not miss a beat. Just when you thought it would be a while before something new arrives from the label, along comes a fresh face to liven up the lineup once more. As a whiskey enthusiast, this is exactly the type of marketing that keeps people engaged. For its latest release, welcome The Badönkådonk.

Leave it up to the folks over in the Vermont-based distillery to come up with a name that alludes to a shapely rear end. Who are we to argue over a word as catchy and whimsical as this in the first place? Nevertheless, clever gimmicks like these are guaranteed to go a long way to promote this delightful spirit.

The Badönkådonk is not the usual offering one would expect from WhistlePig. Given their renown for spectacular rye whiskeys, this latest venture is a playful jab at legendary labels across the pond. Single malt scotch has long been revered by discerning drinkers across the globe, but North American whiskeys have surprisingly surged in popularity these days.

They’re not alone in this endeavor either. Silver Oak supplies several of its Alexander Valley Cabernet casks to aid in the maturation of WhistlePig’s small batch pot still single malt whiskey. Proudly carrying a 25-year age statement, The Badönkådonk is bottled at 91 proof, which roughly translates to about 45.5% ABV.

According to WhistlePig, this expression is “the crowning glory in our collection of super-aged N. American single malt, matured more than twice as long as any other on the continent.” The Badönkådonk exudes aromas of light butterscotch, stone fruit, creme brûlée, fig, and plum. It features hints of cedar wood and wild honey on the palate with a finish of “toasted almonds and tanned leather.”

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Images courtesy of WhistlePig