Relieve the fun of 80s cinema with cult classics like “Ghostbusters” through this replica of the Ghost Trap. The Numskull Ghostbusters Trap Incense Burner is a great throwback to the iconic paranormal instrument.

In the films, the Ghost Trap emits sparks and plasma arcs to trap ghosts. The Ghostbusters use it to transport the spirits to the Containment Unit where they will then be released into the grid. It is one of the tools the group used to trap the ghosts aside from the Proton Pack.

The Numskull Ghostbusters Trap Incense Burner emits smooth fragrant smoke instead. Numskull designed and engineered it from premium high-quality plastic. Likewise, they adorned it with intricately painted details just like the original. This burner releases incense that disperses from the trap as if to mimic a ghost that has been caught.

Just like in the movie, this throwback to the iconic movie paraphernalia also features a hinged lid. The lid allows easy access to the incense holder to aid in burning and for easy cleaning and refill. To operate, place an incense cone in the metal heat-resistant base and watch as smoke comes out. It’s also a cool conversation piece at home.

The Numskull Ghostbusters Trap Incense Burner is an ultimate Ghostbusters collectible as it is modeled after the original ghost trap. It sure is a conversation-starter for lovers of classic films, especially of the paranormal kind. This device does not even take up a lot of space and makes a good addition to your game room or entertainment area. It measures 9.8 inches in length, 4.8 inches in width, and 3.7 inches in depth.

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