If your work takes you anywhere from your home, the cafe, library, or any place where there is a space to sit and write, then the Fabbrica Pelletterie Milano or FPM Milano Bank Work Station is for you. This unique workspace disguises itself as a travel suitcase.

Designed for the frequent traveler, this unique work station looks like any other sturdy metal suitcase. It has an all-aluminum shell, four wheels, a retractable carrying handle, and a butterfly lock fastening. But when opened, it reveals so much more than storage for your clothes or travel necessities.

The FPM Milano Bank Work Station opens up to reveal a portable office. In an instant, you have a foldable desk and chair, and cabinets all made from wood. The chair boasts quality Italian leather for the backrest and seat. The same goes for the four drawers which have leather pulls. All these conveniences hide inconspicuously inside the spacious interior.

This travel-friendly work station makes sure your items are secure with the added combination and butterfly lock system. Since it is ridged in metal, chances are your data is also safe from illegal theft. Aluminum is widely considered as a good metal to use when it comes to blocking RFID signals.

Portability-wise, aside from retractable handle, the FPM Milano Bank Work Station also has carrying handles on the top and left side. The whole construction looks sleek and robust and the addition of copper screws to hold the legs of the chair in place adds a touch of class.

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Images courtesy of Fabbrica Pelletterie Milano