It’s a bummer that the pandemic has forced some gyms to close or to limit the number of folks inside at any given time. With a second wave threatening to plunge society back to lockdowns once more, we’re not taking any chances. Thankfully, we have awesome alternatives to encourage a healthy lifestyle while at home. Aside from their regular lineup of exercise equipment, NordicTrack also offers high-tech options. The Vault is their latest iFit-compatible platform and we think its awesome.

Perhaps the best way to describe their latest product is a one-stop-shop to boost your active lifestyle. We describe the Vault that way because as its name implies, it also functions as storage for your workout gear. Not many folks have adequate room to convert into a home gym. This is exactly the demographic NordicTrack hopes to target.

The Vault measures 72.64 inches high, 24.25 inches wide, 14 inches deep, and tips the scales at 285 lbs when empty. There is enough space to store dumbells, kettlebells, exercise mats, cleaning towels and more. Of course, this is just a part of a complete fitness package that NordicTrack wants to offer you.

What looks like a mirror is actually a portal to a healthier lifestyle. Upon activation, what greets you is a 32-inch HD touchscreen. Connecting to the internet via Wi-Fi unlocks access to NordicTrack’s iFit interactive personal training service. Find the workout that you want and let the virtual trainer guide you along the way.

Moreover, the reflective surface of the Vault lets you check if your form as well as encourages you with your physical transformation over time. You can choose between a standalone or complete package and both ship with a one year iFit Family Membership.

Order yours now – $1,999.00

Images courtesy of NordicTrack