Despite its minute size, the WaspArmor Blade by AlloyX is a powerhouse tool. It provides effortless precision cuts and more at a size that’s no longer than your index finger when closed. It is just 2.24″ long and lighter than an A4 sheet at a mere 5.6g.

Yet, it packs durability, precision, and portability. Dubbed the “world’s smallest and lightest folding scalpel knife,” this EDC comes in a minimalist design shaped after the sleek form of a wasp. Its ergonomic design offers optimized comfort, control, and stability with its carefully crafted contours that minimize slips and fatigue even during extended use.  

You’d forget you even have it with you until it bites, or as its name implies, stings. The WaspArmor Blade boasts a sharp and interchangeable surgical blade. It’s compatible with a range of blades including No.10, No.11A, No.11, No.15c, and No.15 scalpel blades, making it a valuable and versatile tool that can handle both light and tough materials.

The blade stays secure via an integrated locking mechanism that functions both as a latch and a release system. Featuring a 20-degree automatic rebound, the lock prevents accidental opening while also doubling as a reliable backlock mechanism that ensures a smooth and secure blade deployment. 

Moreover, the WaspArmor Blade features a unique 120-degree blade lock mechanism that secures the blade in place during use to keep it stable. This way, preventing accidental slippage or detachment during operation. The lock mechanism is also easy to engage and disengage for a smooth and controlled blade deployment and retraction.  As for its build, the body is made from Gr2 titanium while Gr5 titanium make up the lock piece, both material offering great corrosion resistance, strength, and durability. Meanwhile, carbon fiber inlays maintain weight balance to enhance overall maneuverability and convenience. 

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Images courtesy of AlloyX