At the peak of the global pandemic, some businesses quickly adapted, while others floundered due to restrictions against large gatherings in confined spaces. Gym rats suddenly found themselves in a rough situation given most establishments ceased operations at the time. If you prefer to exercise at home, a pair of dumbbells like the Smart Stack 50 should be enough for some fitness routines.

Studies show that we should at least do 150 minutes of moderate aerobic activity to stay healthy. Of course, proper diet, relaxation, and sleep also contribute to your overall physical condition. However, if it is strength, muscle gain, and definition on your menu, then Centr has you covered with its adjustable dumbbell package.

The Smart Stack 50 is practically a more innovative take on the traditional weight plates and dumbbell handle combo. With these in your home gym, you can finally streamline workouts with a twist of the ergonomic handle. Each unit comes with a magnetic base and dual steel pin locking system for safety.

To adjust, turn the bi-directional handle until you dial in the desired weight shown within the aperture. The Smart Stack 50 starts as low as 5 lbs. and as heavy as 50 lbs. per dumbbell. Centr delivers a premium product constructed out of commercial-grade steel, ABS plastic, thermoplastic rubber, and nylon. 

Each dumbbell measures 7.9″ x 16.5″ x 9.5″ just to give you an idea of the space it takes up. If you need a guide, the Smart Stack 50 “comes with Centr’s connected digital coaching offering hundreds of workouts to train with your adjustable dumbbell.” Browse the brand’s catalog for more fitness equipment and accessories.

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Images courtesy of Centr