Keeping up with your fitness routine in this pandemic is possible even without a visit to the gym. Home exercise machines are now the trend. But when it comes to finding the right machine, you need to look for the one that brings value for its money just like the STUDIO Smart Home Gym Hub.

This high-tech equipment uses smart sensors and Bluetooth connectivity to guide, assess, and motivate you to push forward. This may seem common with other home fitness machines. What makes this unique though is its ability to connect with your existing exercise equipment. If you have a smart treadmill, rower, spin bike, and more, then it automatically connects them to Studio via Bluetooth.

An accompanying app on Android or iOS lets you control your connected equipment in real-time. STUDIO also connects with third-party sensors to make your fitness journey informative. These include Bluetooth heart rate monitors and other sensors that detect your speed, incline, and cadence.

Another great feature with the STUDIO Smart Home Gym Hub is its immersive 43-inch vertical high-definition screen. In it, you can access workout routines, programs, or schedule your workout classes. It offers over 1800 classes from treadmill exercises, yoga, rowing, cycling, boxing, recovery, strength training, and more. It even offers unlimited access to members of the family. You can also check out exercises that target specific body parts like your arms, abs, core, and more.

The STUDIO Smart Home Gym Hub is portable as it sits on wheels so you can workout anywhere and anytime. The screen is also protected with 4mm damage-resistant tempered glass to protect it from scratches and accidental cracks.

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Images courtesy of STUDIO