While Apple’s complete control over software and hardware allows it to corner the market for smart device segments, Android users face a problem when it comes to tablets. So far, Samsung is the household name for slates of all types, but there are other brands to consider if your options are open. For example, TCL’s TAB 10 NXTPAPER 5G touts a cool gimmick.

When reading in-depth reviews about tablets or smartphones, you’ll often come across discussions regarding screen brightness. Since most manufacturers cover the panels with impact-resistant glass with glossy surfaces, reflections can become an issue especially when under direct sunlight. Indoor usage may minimize glare but not entirely.

Hence, TCL takes a clever approach to address this on the TAB 10 NXTPAPER 5G. Originally announced at the Consumer Electronics Shower earlier this year, people who had hands-on time with the demo device had positive things to say about the display. Model 91995 is a budget-friendly Android slate for entertainment and a bit of productivity.

As noted by the product description, “the TAB 10 NXTPAPER 5G lets you carry all your essentials in a single portable device. Featuring NXTPAPER® display that provides glare-free and reduced blue light viewing.” Pair it with the optional T-Pen stylus and the matte texture reportedly makes writing and sketching feel a bit more natural.

Only available in Dark Blue the tablet measures 246.1 mm x 155.86 mm x 7.8mm and weighs about 480 grams. The MediaTek 24E processor is paired to a 6 GB RAM and 128 GB internal storage. The TAB 10 NXTPAPER 5G runs on Android 14 out of the box and touts 5G connectivity via a nano SIM. A 6,000 mAh battery lasts up to 20 hours on a single charge.

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Images courtesy of TCL