Since we have been staying home a lot over the past year, organizing our stuff has been a blast. After checking our kit, there might be something missing in our everyday carry. Survival experts say that it’s essential to at least have tools that can cut, break glass, start a fire, and more. Nocs Provisions reminds us to pack a monocular telescope like the Zoom Tube.

Life is full of surprises. It may seem like smooth sailing, but that could soon change in an instant. Thus, we need to be prepared to face any situation, which is why you need to always check your EDC loadout. Although high-tech optics might not really come into play in an emergency the ability to view something from afar can in many aspects.

Nocs Provisions designed the Zoom Tube to be as compact as possible yet still remain functional. At only 9.5 ounces, its weight is barely noticeable inside your backpack or pockets. Its body measures 2.72 x 4.96 x 1.88 inches and features a ribbed surface. The texture apparently makes it easy to grip with one hand and also adds protection from impacts.

Clarity is crucial which is why the Zoom Tube has multi-layer coatings on its lenses. It also uses a BAK-4 prism for optimal performance in any lighting condition. True to its EDC nature, the housing boasts IPX4 water resistance. The ingress protection allows you to use it in almost any weather conditions.

The Zoom Tube is a versatile piece of gear thanks to its optional accessories. Nocs Provisions recommends the Inspector Microscope and the Photo Rig Smartphone Adapter. With the monocular telescope and its add-ons, you can turn your smartphone camera into an advanced imaging device. It’s also cool that you can get it in more than just one colorway.

Buy – $75

Images courtesy of Nocs Provisions