When you’re on an excursion away from the urban jungle, there’s a bunch of activities you can try. It’s great to disconnect from the stress of city life and admire the beauty of nature. Likewise, what lies beyond our planet is something that continues to us to this day. The amateur astronomer in each of you welcomes the blanket of night as we welcome a stellar light show. Another option would be to bust out your Vespera and frame awesome shots like a pro.

This cool gadget is the second-generation hybrid telescope that packs smart functionality for the average user. The product page notes: “Two years after the launch of Stellina, Vaonis is pleased to present its new creation, Vespera. Our team has put all of Stellina’s technology into a smaller, lighter but also more affordable version to make astronomy even more accessible.”

The Vespera is more compact and lighter than the first model, which makes it a great option for spur of the moment trips to the outdoors. Those who have been using the Stellina will notice that it is missing some functionalities. Moreover, some of the specifications might seem like a downgrade. Nevertheless, it does not take away from what the device can offer.

It measures 15 inches high, 8 inches wide, 3.5 inches deep, and weighs 11 lbs, which makes it convenient to transport. The Vespera is equipped with an apochromatic quadruplet Extra-low Dispersion lanthanum glass lens. Its aperture is 50 mm with a focal length of 200 mm. It’s easy to set up once you find the ideal spot and controls are via the companion app on your smartphone or tablet.

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Images courtesy of Vaonis