High-performance single-seater supercars are not actually that rare, but most carmakers prefer to keep at two. Unless you’re the type who wants to hog all of the fun, there are a few models you can check out. Meanwhile, somebody is taking this aspect to the extreme with the Nissan GT R X 2050 concept. In fact, the creator is calling it a “wearable machine” with self-driving capabilities.

With a super-low profile that appears to closely hug the ground, traditional seating is really not possible here. Those driving the Nissan GT R X 2050 must be in a prone position. You got it, it’s belly down. Just like how one would drive the caped crusader’s Batpod or those light cycles from Tron.

Credit goes to a graduate from the ArtCenter College of Design in Pasadena, California. As an intern at Nissan Design America (NDA), Jaebum “JB” Choi might design some of the Japanese marques future cars.

“I started my internship at NDA in January and participated in company projects for about two months. Then, I started my ‘vision humanoid’ project for the rest of the internship, working from home because of COVID-19,” according to Choi.

“Little did I imagine then that the team at NDA would take me under their wings and help me create it as a full-size model,” he added. It might look straight out of science fiction, but Nissan can probably manufacture the Nissan GT R X 2050 if it wants to.

Specifications from Nissan reveals its measures 114.8 inches long and 60.5 inches wide. At only 25.9 inches tall, the Nissan GT R X 2050 needs a slim driver inside. It will be capable of autonomous driving, but the operator can always take over via a cutting-edge brain-to-computer interface.

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Images courtesy of Nissan Design America