It exciting to see new products finally leaving the concept stage and moving on to production. Yet, it’s sad to find out that some of the more avant-garde ideas don’t even make it to the prototype stage. Meanwhile, the majority of those that make it all the way through end up either impressing or disappointing. Thankfully, the Nikola Wav belongs to the former and we can already imagine seeing this all-electric watercraft makings waves soon.

Trevor Milton, the CEO of Nikola Motors, has high hopes for this platform and believes that it is the “future of watercraft.” The first time we laid eyes on this sleek ride immediately reminded us superbikes. It’s not really a big surprise because the Wav is reportedly drawing design inspiration from high-performance crotch rockets. Furthermore, the blue and black colorway gives off a sporty vibe as it zips through the water.

It seems a little overboard, but this all-electric jet-ski flaunts a 12-inch 4K display. It’s apparently IP68-rated waterproof, which it should be knowing the nature of the craft. There are also front and rear LED lights so you can use it even in low-light conditions. The Nikola Wav made its debut together with the NZT, a four-wheel all-electric off-road unit. The two platforms are promising previews of what’s heading our way soon. Additionally, the company reveals that it has two electric big rigs on the way as well. The quest to turn all modes of transportation into an eco-friendly and sustainable industry is well underway.

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Images courtesy of Nikola