A few months ago, we had our first look at the Nikola NZT and now we’ve got confirmation that this UTV indeed exceeds expectations. The vehicle impressively features 722 lb-ft (1,047 Nm) of torque and an electric battery with 590 hp (440 kW). And that’s before gear reduction, people. There are four models under the NZT brand, with a base model of only 266 hp. Note that this is still a 100 hp more than the Can-Am, which makes NZT the most powerful UTV one can buy right now.

The NZT has 4WD, power steering, 33-inch Kevlar-reinforced tires, front and rear winches, Fox Podium internal bypass shocks, and 20-inch suspension travel per wheel. The body is IP67 waterproof. The interior has a massive display like an iPad. The battery pack comes with three options ranging from 75 to 125 kWh, which delivers acceleration speeds between 90 and 150 miles.

Thrill seekers can definitely kick up a dust storm on this side-by-side off-road. Stepping down on the accelerator of the NZT is an adventure by itself because soon the tires would be turning over the earth.

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